Buying Club

Welcome to Our Family Farm’s Buying Club!

What is a buying club, you ask? Great question. It is really pretty simple- A buying club is a collective of person’s willing and able to spend any portion of their independent food budgets on Our Family Farm food products. In other words, you and your friends rally together to place a group order and we will bring the good stuff to you. That last part makes it nice for our friends who live further from the farm, like in Bend or Portland, or anywhere in between. All we ask is that your club makes a minimal order of $500 (that isn’t too hard when you and 9ish of your closest food-savvy friends each buy a chicken or two, and few pounds of  grass-fed angus a month).

Membership is simple. We only require that you answer ‘YES’ to any, or all of these questions.

  1. Are you interested in knowing where your food comes from, and the people producing it?
  2. Do you want to eat meat that has been treated “Chick-anely” “Cow-anely” and “Pig-anely” (they are not human, but you get the idea)?
  3. Would you like your food to be free of hormones and antibiotics?
  4. Like the idea of your dinner dollars gong to support local economies?
  5. Are you interested in working with people who work hard to steward the Earth in sustainable ways?
  6. Do you like eating food that is healthy for you?

If you were able to answer ‘YES’ to any of these simple questions, you are eligible for a membership in one of Our Family Farm’s Buying Clubs. Member fees are affordable, too. Shoot, there aren’t membership fees. Save that money for chicken, beef or pork. So let’s get you signed up for one of our established clubs. Or better yet, start your own- consider being a host/host location for a buying club in your neighborhood.

To discover a club in your area, or for information about starting a club of your own, please email us at or direct message us @RFamilyFarm. Happy eating.