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Pasture Raised Broiler Chickens

Cornish Cross

Cornish Cross

From mid May through mid October we will have pasture raised, Cornish-Cross broiler chickens available for you and your family. We raise our birds in 10’X12’X2′ pens modeled by Virginia’s Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm. These pens allow our birds full access to green pasture, fresh air and bugs, and lots of room to move. We keep our new chicks in 8’X8′ brooders for the first couple weeks of their lives, until the young birds have established the hardiness to whether the cooler evenings of Oregon’s spring and fall nights.

We have had the privilege to butcher our birds at an Oregon Department of Agriculture approved facility at a small farm in Corvallis, Oregon called Afton Field Farm up to thi s point. Our friends Tyler and Alecia Jones have graciously allowed us to use their facility until we have our own facility ready. Later in the 2011 season we will have finished building Oregon’s first Mobile Processing Unit for poultry. This is very exciting stuff! Feel free to come out and help us on one of our butcher days to get a hands on experience of where your food comes from.

If you are interested in buying our ready-to-cook chicken, simply send your request by email.  Our birds typically have a butchered weight from 3.5 pounds to 5 pounds. See pricing.

You can buy or eat our chicken at any of these markets and restaraunts when chicken is on the menu.


The Ladies

Pastured Layers

Our Laying hens are spoiled. If they could talk they would tell you stories of the bags of apple pulp treats from cider pressing, the grubs and other small wiggly protein sources they are surprised with, and of course the green delicious grass. But it’s not all about what we give them. The relationship is a mutual give-and-take. Yes, we treat the ladies well. They treat us well, too. They work ceaselessly, scratching and turning their perfect little deposits (poo) into the soil, feeding the microbes in the ground the nutrients they need to allow our pastures more and more health. This work is so important, but let’s get serious, the stuff we are most interested in are the other little deposits…the ones that accompany our toast and bacon in the mornings. Eggs!

We love our eggs! Addison, our 7 months old loves the yolks, and often robs Amanda of the golden goodness during our breakfasts at home. Of course she gets as much of it as she wants because we have learned many things about the healthiness of Nature’s perfect food. For example, cholesterol in the yolks from pastured layers is extremely beneficial in brain development. Our hens’ yolks are so much tastier, richer and more colorful than the mass-produced eggs from the big egg factories. And the feedback we have been getting is great! We have been pleasantly surprised at how people are getting so excited about what our hens produce. We are proud of our ladies. We hope you will be excited to get some of your own.

Grass-Fed Beef

Angus Steer

Angus Steer

Our customers testify that our beef is delicious! This said, we need to confess that we currently do not have space or steers of our own this year, BUT we are working closely with a farmer friend of ours to raise a strong herd of Angus for Our Family Farm customers. Our friend, Farmer Morton brings his herd and acreage to the table, and we bring the technical piece of raising these beautiful animals on pasture, from start to finish.

We do not grain finish our animlas…we don’t need to with pastures like these. We practice management intensive grazing; rotating the herd through a series of pastures to maximize grass growth and health, and herd health. It is a beautiful scenario that allows us to realize our first two values of healing the land and raising the best meat products in the Willamette Valley.

In addition to raising and finishing our animals on green pastures, we do not administer regular antibiotics and we never give our animals hormones. This is simply clean, delicious and healthy meat.

Buying  a whole of half steer is the most economical way to purchase our beef. We have a working relationship with a local butchering facility to customize your order. They are able to cut and wrap your order any number of ways.

When you are ready to purchase or if you have any questions, email us.

Pastured Turkeys

Pastured Turkeys

Pastured Turkeys

We are very excited to offer pastured turkeys, available for the holidays. Pre-orders are highly recommended for turkeys because demand is always high, especially as the holidays get closer.

In our experience, pastured turkeys (raised on mineral rich, perennial pasture just like our broiler chickens) are noticeably better in taste, and retain their juiciness days longer than a traditional, store-bought turkey. Whatever remains after the troops devour their leftover plates, makes for excellent soup stock to warm a family at dinner time on the impeding, colder nights.

Place your order now by emailing us with the number of turkeys you need for the holidays. Feel free to get two or more to stock your freezer, too. As with our pastured broilers, taste is not compromised by freezing.

Our Family Farm turkeys are $4 per pound, with birds averaging anywhere between 13 and 18 pounds. A $20/bird, non-refundable deposit is required by September 1st ($20 goes toward final price of birds). Please make checks payable to Our Family Farm. You can mail your checks to us and we will send you a confirmation email for your order.

Please send to:

Our Family Farm
2194 Carmel Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97401