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A New Chapter

Chicken Farmer 1

Chicken Farmer 1

Jeremy and Clara Sherer called us one morning last summer…and so a new chapter began.

It was a conversation we have been having more often as the dangerous realities of our food system are becoming clearer to a greater audience, and more people are making the decision to capture control of what they feed their families. There were a few things different about the conversation with Jeremy and Clara however. Yes, they had read the books and watched the documentaries; they were becoming little hulk-a-maniacs like so many these days. But they were more than inspired. They were motivated. They were more than well read. They were opinionated. They were more than the mom who wants to get 300 chickens so her kids have something to do in the summer, or the young man who wants to make a quick $25K as Joel Salatin suggests in his book Pasture, Poultry, Profits. They had a plan. They were an organized team. They were poised for success.

A lot of business owners might see a scenario like this and feel a real sense of competition emerging. We are not those people. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. Lane County has approximately 350,000 people. If Our Family Farm raises 3500 chicken a year, that is enough for 1% of our beautify county to eat one chicken, once a year. Not enough good chicken.
  2. We need more smart farmers, close by, raising healthy meat products.
  3. A network of smart farmers raising healthy products helps to promote the important message about what is happening with our food system in American, and instigate a necessary change.

All this to say, we were very happy to meet Jeremy and Clara and invite them into our entire process. They took our invitation and ran with it. They signed up for our CSA, the toured our farm with their charming daughters, they visited our home to discuss our successes and failures of running a farm business, they volunteered on our butcher days, they helped with chores…they were motivated!

R. Sherer, Chicken Whisperer

R. Sherer, Chicken Whisperer

Amanda and I were in a unique spot with our lives where I had received a promotion at the day job and the farm was really starting to take off. If you have ever had a foot in two places you understand the torture of doing two things you enjoy, but doing neither as well as you would like. This was us, and we had a decision to make as the season moved full speed ahead into summer. In truth, we needed help.

To put it simply, we had grown to respect the Sherer’s motivation, appreciate their help in navigating the busiest time of the season, and love their philosophy on food. Amanda and I seriously entertained the prospect of a transition. And then we made the Sherer’s an offer they didn’t expect.

Our Family Farm would transition to the care and management of Jeremy and Clara, and Havurah Farm. We were excited at the prospect of what we had worked so hard to create (a brand, a business with traction and a community of really cool people) would be received, nurtured, and taken to a whole new level! When we called the Sherers to propose our idea, there was a short silence on the other end followed by giggles and YESes. And so a new chapter began.

We would love to tell you more of the details of the transition when we bump into you at the open house this coming Sunday, March 24th from 1-3PM (8048 Thurston Road), or on our front porch as you pick up your CSA order starting in May and running through October.

Jeremy and the Girls

Jeremy and the Girls

For now, we are fortunate to be the recipients of a great graciousness from Havurah Farm. Not only have they extended an invitation for us to play some kind of role in the success of their farm, but in addition to all of you, our family has received a new family into the fold of amazing people we call friends.

If you would like information about Havurah Farm you can find what you are looking for here, and you can email We would strongly encourage you to reach out to them and introduce yourself as you continue to pursue good food and good people.

And we would encourage you to stay in contact with us, mostly because we like you. We hope to see you on our front porch again this season.


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