Cash, Check or Plastic

Remember the still, sunny evenings when you would eagerly approach our front porch with anticipation of viewing the treasures in our white coolers; beautiful, whole chickens with plump legs nicely tucked, little packages of vibrantly colored livers and hearts, and big ol’ bags of chicken feet for world-class soup stock? Remember picking the perfect bird for your Friday night family dinner, the one to accompany the fresh green beans you picked from your own garden? And remember having to run to your car to find a quarter and three pennies because you were $.28 short on the total? Well all of this is about to change (pun unintended)…at least the part about rummaging through the center consol for pennies.

Our Family Farm is now able to receive your credit or debit card as a payment option for whatever your weekly menu may demand. We’ll slide it for those delicious, rich eggs. We’ll run it through for that grass-fed and finished ground beef. We’ll swipe it for the chickens you want to fill your freezer, or the turkey you want to fill the holiday platter.

So leaved the change for the parking meter, and keep the check book in the desk collecting dust. We’ll see you soon for some good food and maybe swap a story and a smile.



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4 responses to “Cash, Check or Plastic

  1. Jon

    What app are you using?

    • Derek Brandow

      Actually we are experimenting with two right now. Square is the first, and Intuit Go Payment is the other.

      We used the Square Monday evening when we had people come over to pick up their turkeys. It was pretty anticlimactic:( We ended up having to manually enter many of the cards vs. the convenience of a simple swipe. We can’t wait to try to Intuit swiper in the coming weeks.

      • Jonathan

        Did you guys land on a good solution? Love reading about your work.

      • Derek Brandow

        Not yet. We really just got something up at the end of our season, for turkeys. After that we were pretty much done for the year. This week we get rolling again. We will give both a serious look. What about you? Have you tried one yet?

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