Curious Chicken

Curious Chicken

A friend of Our Family Farm, Kelli Matthews decided to have a little fun with us on the farm during a perfect summer evening a few months ago. Kelli and her son met  us on pasture, ready to wrangle chickens and shoot some photos for a project we are working on together. In addition to all of the cuteness of  kids having conversations with baby chicks reassuring the little yellow fluff balls of their safety in little hands, Kelli captured this photo of our “Curious Chicken”. Actually, she grabbed a bunch of really nice photos we hope to share with you soon. But the reason to share our “Curious Chicken” with you is because there is a bigger story happening with it right now.

Kelli, on a whim entered her photo in the Lane County Fair agriculture photo contest. “Curious Chicken” won honorable mention! (We’re so proud of our lil’ chicken, and Kelli). Relishing in the excitement of ribbon winning, Kelli decided to take “Curious Chicken” to the next level, the Oregon Cultural Trust  photo contest. 

If you like the photo and care to vote it up in the ranks, check out this link to vote for it, and our chicken:) Otherwise, enjoy a really cool photo of a humble bird.


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