Our Family Cider Press

We are hard pressed to recall moments that are better than bright days filled with delicious, homemade treats crafted by thoughtful hands, assembled on festively adorned tables. Or days surrounded by good people, familiar and unfamiliar with their sweater slated babies running under foot. It is hard to recall moments that are better than sun faded evenings filled with warmed beverages, or the colder beverages that surely warm one through and through.

For the past four years Our Family Farm has hosted a fall cider press. We are happy to report each pressing has involved all of the aforementioned highlights…good food, good people, and dang good beverages. If you couldn’t make it this year we look forward to adding your smiling face to the good times next year.

Here are some pictures from the day.

Apple Presoak

Everyone Getting In On The Action

Cascades Of Sweet Cider

Kid Approved

Perfect Day

Good People- Hans

Good Food- YaYa's HummusGood To The Last Drop

Good To The Last DropSoup BreakGathering The Good Stuff For Hard CiderSoup Break

Soup BreakGathering The Goods For Hard Cider

Gathering The Good Stuff For Hard CiderWe Love The Local Orchards

We Love Our Local Orchards



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3 responses to “Our Family Cider Press

  1. Wow..Looks to me like you all had a fine time. Where’s this place that you do all this? Maybe next year I could come?

    • Derek Brandow

      Hi Cliff, We do this every year in October, in Eugene. Who knows where in Eugene it will be next year…You should definitely plan to come. David, Sharon, and George and the kids have all come down in different years. Always fun to have family there to add to the fun!

  2. grammadorrie

    This is the first year I missed and am still missing this great tradition! It is so much fun, as Derek said, with all the good friends, new and old, great home made apple cider, of course the yummy presentation of food!! I won’t miss it next year for sure!! Planning is involved to be part of this grand occasion!!
    Truly sorry to have misssed it!! The pictures are fantastic and shows the happiness on each smiling face and the perfect crisp autumn day!!

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