Our Family Farm CSA

It doesn’t stand for the all too common Condiment Servicing Agent.

It isn’t the modern and affluent Chilean Swimming Academy.

Nor is it the fine spirits and tobaccoery of  Chortle & Snort Associates.

It is the one thing that grasps at the strings of our hearts, causing even the strongest of us to consider the close placement of an epinephrine pen in the event of faintness. IT IS <play music from 2001 A Space Odyssey> COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE (smile and sigh).

Please see Year Of The Local: A 12 Step Program- Part 2 for a quick look at what this wonderful opportunity is. Or if you are already familiar with how CSAs work, enjoy the details of participating in Our Family Farm’s CSA for 2011.

How It Works

Our CSA season runs mid May through mid October, with turkeys for the holidays.          

Our full share is $375 and equates to two chickens per butcher (4 a  month) and a turkey.

Our half share is $225  and equates to one chicken per butcher (2 a  month) and a turkey.

We have a drop site downtown Eugene.

Please email us with questions, or to sign up.


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