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“When ‘Organic’ Food Isn’t”

Uh oh! We read an article in our local paper, The Register Guard several days ago confirming some long-standing concerns we have had about the label “ORGANIC”, and others like it. The article is worth a glance when you have a moment.

The reality uncovered therein is that we simply have no guarantees when it comes to our food. In other words, the labels can, and will lie. We understand this is a huge generalization, but when it comes to the food we put in the mouths of  our families, and the extra cents we carve out of our already tight budgets to spend on better quality food, DAMN IT, that food better be what the labels say!

We will come back to it again, then…and again, and again, until we are satisfied with the integrity of the people behind the food we spend our dollars on. Can I get a ‘WOOT’?

Our strong recommendation is to make some time to get to know the people behind the food you eat.

In the case of Our Family Farm:

  1. Take some time to come and visit us
  2. Meet our animals
  3. Ask questions about the feed we give our animals
  4. Understand out process, from start to finish
  5. Take control of the food freedoms we have

All of this said, we are happy to report that our 2011 season is under way and perhaps the most exciting piece of spring’s prelude is the conversation we have been having with Union Point Custom Feed outside of Brownsville. That’s right. We are working to control the recipe and inputs for feed we give our animals. It is exciting stuff, something we will talk about in more detail with our next post. Until then, we look forward to hearing from you soon with questions about your food.


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