Year Of The Local: A 12 Step Program- Part 2

Originally, we thought we would take this month to crack open THE PERFECT FOOD- The Egg. However, as events have unfolded over the past several weeks, and as we have gained a better understanding of Nature’s time-lines as they are grafted into producer’s time-lines, it seems that NOW is the time to chew on something that has a very exciting seasonal impact on our ability to eat locally- Community Supported Agriculture, or The CSA.

First, let’s look quickly at the problem: As we are faced with a hyper processed, heat-n-serve, genetically modified, corn infused, pesticide ridden, nutrient deficient, tasteless, drive through, menu of  consumables (dare we call it food anymore), there is a growing number of us hungry for something real to eat. That’s it. Are we right?

MeatCSAAccording to the web’s omniscient historical source, it seems as if Community Supported Agriculture really gained popularity about 50 years ago when people and farmers formed cooperative partnerships to ‘fund farming and pay the full costs of ecologically sound and socially equitable agriculture.’ What an idea! Actually pay a farmer near you to grow and provide fresh, natural food, instead of giving your money to the grocery store that offers food from far away, that has gone through the processing and distribution gamut.

The questions to ask yourself are:

“If I could mix more fruits and vegetables into my diet, would I?”

“Am I interested in knowing where and how my food is grown (without being too Portlandia)

“Can I handle an experience that will add flare and flavor to my life?”

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we strongly recommend you investigate some of these local farms, and sign up for a CSA programs this year, whether by yourself, or to split a share with another family.

For Produce:

For Meat, contact us to discuss our beginning CSA provisions for this year.

If you live outside of Lane county, here is a neat tool to locate a CSA program in your area.

This is perhaps one of the easiest steps in making a transition to a local diet. Cut your friendly farmer a check early in the year to help cover the cost of growing food, for you. Let us know who you support. Share your experience with friends.


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