A Nation Of Farmers

“~How City Farmers, Backyard Chicken Enthusiasts, Victory Gardeners, Small Family Farms, Kids in Edible School Yards, Cooks in Their Kitchens and Passionate Eaters Everywhere Can Overthrow our Destructive Industrial Agriculture, and Give us Hope for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in a Changing World”

What do you think? Sound too far out there, too far removed from your reality? Yes? Well, regardless of the pennies in your bank account, you are the greatest at risk.

Sound inspiring? We will say this much, if you are at all interested in how you will feed your kids, and eventually how your kids will feed you as the future of food systems dramatically change our landscape in the coming years, you may want to glean the pages of Sharon Astyk and Aaron Newton’s book, A Nation of Farmers.

Sadly, the pacification that allows for almost all of us to walk sleepily through our weeks is covertly stripping us of one of our basic freedoms; our freedom to choose. Sure, we can choose between Stouffer’s and Healthy Choice, but those companies choose what GM vegetables and CAFO meats fill the box. Do we know the baker who made that loaf of Oroweat bread, with the herbicide infused grains? Do we know the farmer who raised that Rocky Chicken in the confines of a giant hen-house with thousands of other chickens? Probably not. And we trust these strangers with the nutritional health of our families. If this idea concerns you, you may take a closer peek at A Nation of Farmers. You might also consider a couple of simple things:

  1. Read the books and blogs, have the conversations, and in general educate yourself
  2. More importantly, do something in response to it all

Here are a few ideas for us all, as a way to do something:

  • Go to your Farmer’s Market
  • Plant something or join a community garden
  • Get to know a farm/farmer who raises produce and meat products
  • Share what you know and what you do, with others
  • Take responsibility for your life by eating locally and sustainably

If the idea of planting something inspires you, but you don’t have the space or know how, you might consider joining a community garden, or team up with some neighbors to transition a back yard into a garden. We have started a community garden and we would love to share this experience with you. If you are interested, email us and we will bring you into the fold.


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