Buying Clubs

Pure awesomeness, and power to the people!!

Buying clubs…

This is such a great buying option for our friends and family living outside of the Eugene area that are we offering up a simple post to tell you about it, in addition to adding a whole page for the freshly crafted ‘Our Family Farm Buying Club’ (see tabs at the top of the page).

The idea is simple, really. We have buying power in numbers! When you and a few of your friends/family pool an order for food items, you have the opportunity to pay wholesale prices. That’s it!

With this said, chew on the idea, let it stew for a bit. Consider your friends and family who live a bit further from the farm, the people who would appreciate having Our Family Farm products for their family. Next, share the good news. Or, if you are that person living  a bit further from the farm, make the choice to start a club for you and your  neighborhood.

Good Morning America shared a post to their site that talks about this very thing. Take a look at their post titled, Join A Grocery Buying Club And Save Money. You can even see our friend, Tyler Jones of Afton Field Farm talk about buying clubs, below:

Amanda and I are even starting our own buying club for our friends and family, specific to locally raised grains and legumes. More on this to come. So for now, savor the idea of a buying club, and see if it is dish you want to serve up for you, your friends and your family to dig into.


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