A Relieving, And Tantalizing Turn Of Events

If you are like Amanda and I, eating a local and seasonal menu has been an overwhelming and somewhat scary transition, but one we have been committed to making. On paper, the whole thing looks great! Eating local means there is potential for freshness, potential to know the person who raises the food you will eat (understanding the inputs they use to grow it), potential to save money, potential to utilize more nutrients from your food (those thing break down over time), and you get to support a local farmer working to do good things.

Those things are great, right?! We are more likely to appreciate a meal with those things achieved?

So what are the things that keeps us from walking in the food freedom we hunger for?

First, when we take it from paper to pavement, for Amanda and I, we get overwhelmed. “How the heck do we make bread, and where is grandma when you need her? We need flour, right? What else??” Second, when we take it from paper to pavement we get a little bit scared. “Are we really going to save money when I have to buy all the ingredients? And where am I going to find all the ingredients? I mean, if I buy them from Winco (to save that money), I might as well just buy the loaf already made…from Winco! Seriously, where is grandma when you need her??”

It is a lot to digest, and it is definitely something we should consume one small bite at a time. So, you can imagine the immense relief Amanda and I felt when we discovered the perfect answer to many of our questions. Just a handful of minutes from our home is Hummingbird Wholesale, an oasis of local, natural grains and flour, sweeteners, oils, spices, legumes and beans, nuts, and dried fruits…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It is AMAZING!

Hummingbird WholesaleThey declare, “Like the Hummingbird, we seek to sip the nectar of the earth without harming the flower.” These people get it! And if you get the chance to visit their warehouse during their limited retail hours (Tuesday-Thursday, 10AM-2PM) ask for our friend Jimmy, the resident granola guru. He can talk all about the good things lining their shelves.

With the discovery of Hummingbird, Amanda and I are excited to walk into a new season of our eating evolution, and we are eager to share some of the thing we discover along the way, with you. Stay tuned for recipes…


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  1. There’s a great local farmer named Tom Hunton who is working with Hummingbird to market his Camas Country brand of flours, lentils, and beans. Tom is just a stone’s throw away, very near the Eugene Airport. How cool is it to be able to make bread from wheat grown so close! So check out Camas Country products!

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