Pork, Delicious Pork

Hobbit Adventures

Hobbit Adventures

If you are like our son Jackson, then the word ‘pork’  evokes visions of Hobbit adventures where sounds of sizzling bacon during second breakfast and Gimli the Dwarf’s affection for salty pork, quick to make the mouth water. If you are like Amanda or I,  ideas of milder adventures like  a drive to the local BBQ joint to enjoy a well sauced, pulled pork sandwich and a cold, tall one are more the standard. In either case, if you are like us, you love pork!

Pastured Pork

Pastured Pork

If you love Pork, then the news that Our Family Farm is ready to offer pork as a pasture raised, meat option for you and your family should excite you. We are working with dear friends Chris Hansen and Erin Bartek of Mosaic Farms in Corvallis, Oregon to glean from their expertise in raising healthy hogs, and to fill the remaining nooks and crannies in your freezer with delicious chops, hams, sausage, and bacon.

Chris and Erin are raising beautiful animals that get to eat customized feed, free of GMOs, and roam grandiose spans of healing pasture. Their custom feed ration consists of 70% local components, like Willamette Valley wheat and flax, as well as organic food scraps (not fit for human consumption) from Gathering Together Farm in Corvallis, Oregon. Chris and Erin work very hard to raise healthy, happy animals…and we can notice the difference! This is why we are working with them to make their pork available to you.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity, and you enjoy their pork as much as we have.

For pricing information, please email us at ourfamilyfarm.info@gmail.com.


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