Our Friend, Oliver

The very nature of our name, Our Family Farm, invites every one of you to share in the goodness of what is happening as a result of the farm. It invites you into our family, in a way. And in the spirit of family we offer this unique post.

Our Family Farm shares a wonderful relationship with the Hvass family. Nels and Amanda Hvass have two little boys, the youngest named Oliver. Oliver was born with a unique combination of DNA that left him deaf, and with less than normal fine motor skill responses. It is often hard to tell Oliver has these disabilities because his cherubic cheeks always frame a huge smile.

The Hvass’ recently received some very exciting news. Oliver is a prime candidate to receive cochlear implants which means, if everything goes well, he will be able to hear!

If you are willing and able, please join Amanda and me at the Papa’s Pizza parlor on West 11th avenue, September 1st at 5:30PM to eat some pizza together to help the Hvass’ raise the money to pay for this expensive procedure. After all, these are the things families do for each other, right?

Make sure to print the flyer below and bring it with you, or the Hvass’ will not receive any of the procedes from your purchase. See you there.

Papa’s Pizza Flyer


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